Celebrating World Wi-Fi Day

AT&T is a proud supporter of the inaugural World Wi-Fi Day, a special initiative recognizing and celebrating the importance of high-speed internet around the globe. Wi-Fi plays an essential role in connecting and building communities. From sending emails to accessing online courses to finding out about important resources like healthcare, people rely on broadband for their daily needs.

Whether it’s a small mom-and-pop shop or a major restaurant chain, thousands of businesses and their customers depend on AT&T Wi-Fi – Enterprise. By separating access to public and private Wi-Fi, companies are able to offer a friendly environment for customers while simultaneously improving their own business processes.

New Wi-Fi solutions are making it easier than ever for businesses to join the ever-growing AT&T network of hot spots around the world. These features are also making users more secure and helping businesses protect their networks while offering this critical service.

We’ve joined forces with more than 80 of the industry’s biggest names around the globe to celebrate World Wi-Fi day and keep connecting! Learn more about how AT&T Wi-Fi – Enterprise is helping businesses provide the best Wi-Fi service possible.

Sarita Rao Vice President AT&T Wi-Fi & Data Patterns About Sarita