CIO: 4 Keys to Choosing a Holistic Mobile Management Solution

Enterprises today are embracing mobility and finding it important for productivity. But with mobility’s benefits come several challenges. Managing competing expectations, while maintaining security and costs can be more than some organizations can handle internally. So in many cases, they turn to external mobile management partners. However, selecting the right partner is a task that can leave organizations scrambling to determine where to begin.

AT&T commissioned CIO magazine to dig into the key aspects of selecting a mobile management provider. Analysts and other experts recommend looking at these four features:

  • Holistic services
  • Mobile management functionality
  • Deployment and hosting options
  • Reporting and analytics

Bernie Boyer, Vice President, Mobility Solution Services at AT&T, suggests what organizations should expect from their mobile management partner: “The first thing a mobile management partner should do is study the customer’s business objectives, analyze the solutions required, and then help develop a long-term mobile technology roadmap with enough flexibility to adapt over time as technologies and requirements evolve.”

Kathryn Weldon, Research Director for business network and IT services at Current Analysis Inc, adds, “there’s a growing awareness that external service providers are much more capable of doing a lot of the things that enterprises want.”

Learn more about selecting the right mobile management partner for your business by downloading the CIO white paper:


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