Clear Security in a Cloudy World

If you have been in the Information Technology business for only one technology refresh cycle you may not know a world that included open public networks where computers on an organization’s network may have been directly connected to and accessed by computers around the world. This isn’t some future vision by hard line members of the Jericho Forum, this was the dawn of the Internet way back when many readers were but glints in their parent’s eyes (well, some of us had glints in our eyes; that though is another story).

Over the past quarter century, or so, we have experienced numerous changes in how people and organizations use network based communications. We have gone from cans and strings to having the ability to share our thoughts across the globe almost at the moment we conceive of an idea.  And yes, in many ways we are starting to come full circle with networked devices seemingly in direct contact with each other.  Now, you may ask – How was network security addressed in the past? What technologies are still relevant today and what does tomorrow hold? Are there solutions that can help keep my organization compliant with rules and regulations that too were glints in someone’s eyes over two score ago?

On January 19th I participated in a Webcast where we explored the history of network security, specifically the firewall, and looked at technologies that can help keep organizations secure as network communication continues through another innovation cycle. The Webcast, Don’t Fire Your Firewall – Clear Security Measures for a Cloudy World, is now available On Demand.

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