Cloud and Innovation: The Sky’s the Limit?

Next week I’ll be joining a panel of cloud computing experts from Amazon, IBM, Google, and Cognitive Electronics at Tuck School of Business’ Center for Digital Strategies to discuss ‘Innovation On Demand: The Promise of Cloud Computing’.

I firmly believe that cloud solutions can enable creativity in business by simplifying all the ‘nuts and bolts’ required to build, run and maintain new technology solutions. Businesses want their cloud and mobility services combined in security enhanced, scalable solutions that help them save costs and transform the way they work.

That’s why we have embedded cloud capabilities directly into the AT&T managed network so that we can manage and deliver cloud services and applications as part of a total solution – down to virtually any  device. Cloud is the platform that helps truly creative people develop new apps and solutions without having to worry about servers, data centers, interoperability and the like.

In the same way we think the network is becoming like ‘oxygen’ for developers, consumers and businesses, we envision the network-based cloud to be the lifeblood that helps ideas become reality.

Do you see cloud as an innovation enabler in your business? And how do you see cloud changing the way you approach innovation and creativity? Let me know in the comments, and keep an eye out on the AT&T Business Solutions Twitter feed or search #Cloud for live updates during the panel conversation.

UPDATE: While at the Tuck School of Business last week, I spoke with one of the Center for Digital Strategies’ MBA Fellows, Vivek Narasimhan, about the potential of cloud computing. Check out the video interview here:

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