Cloud Can

In my new role at AT&T I am helping to provide industry specific thought leadership and marketing support to the Software Industry and Entertainment & Media Industry.  It has been a great experience learning how critical these companies are to the global economy.  While they may not have an impact on oil prices or global currency, what they do day in and day out is keep us informed, creative and productive.  These firms continue to drive content through applications that enable today’s rich end user experience at the desktop, tablet, TV or mobile phone interface.

So I thought, how can we help these firms continue to serve their customers, subscribers, viewers.  Well I truly believe it all starts with understanding the business trends that are impacting their industries.  Let’s take a look at the Software Industry.  PwC interviewed the CEOs and senior executives of large software providers around the world and asked how the software industry key trends will impact their business over the next five years.  PWC wanted to know how software companies would adapt to thrive.

The software industry faces mutually reinforcing forces — cloud computing, mobile computing and the consumerisation of technology — that reshape software provider strategies in several areas: the design and deployment of software, the delivery channels for software, and the economics of software licensing.   PWC sat down with Rob Tarkoff, Adobe Systems, SVP/GM Digital Enterprise Solutions Group and found out the following:

“Providers need to get products out a lot faster than before. People expect rapid deployment of services. And they use different devices for different things. There´s a real opportunity to change the pricing model, to move to value-based pricing. SaaS [software-as a-service] providers like NetSuite and have just scratched the surface”

“Digital channels today offer small companies incredible level of insight into their customers and your interactions with them. When you can tie into information you have on your customer in your own databases, you can do some amazing things. … The Big Data phenomenon is a major part of getting a 360-degree view of the customer and their activities.”

Now let’s shift a bit to the Entertainment & Media Industry.  Phil Asmundson, Vice Chairman and U.S. Media & Telecommunications leader, Deloitte, LLP, shared his perspective on the year ahead 2012 key trends.  Phil stated that, “For content creators, from film and television to music and print, this change certainly has an impact on revenue streams.  Business models are changing as consumers are looking to use new devices to view and access content on the go. Think tablets; think smartphones.   All of the media and entertainment subsectors will have to deal with this true life disruption.”

So across these industries we are starting to see similar themes.  Themes like time to market, business agility, innovation, managing through a rapidly changing set of end user devices and demands from consumers.  This is all changing the game, so the question is, can cloud help?  The answer is, Cloud Can.

I sat down with Donald Parente, Director of Product Marketing for AT&T Cloud Services and we talked about how Cloud Can help these customers stay out in front of these key trends driving the industry forward.   We talked about three key services that could help these firms gain efficiencies, improve time to market, improve the end user experience and enable business agility.

AT&T Platform As A Service – AT&T Platform as a Service provides a fully managed application environment for building and running cloud based applications.  It is like a database in the cloud.  This is a great tool for automating business processes, sharing data and information with business partners, and providing mobile access to information.  For example, media companies can use it to track sales leads as they seek advertising revenue.  They can also improve studio or media productions workflow as well as accelerate many aspects of content creation and distribution.  Software companies can use it to log and track license key registration.

AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service℠ with VMware vCloud® Datacenter Service is a pay-as-you-go, on-demand service that virtual provide servers. This is great for turning up applications and services quickly, without having to wait weeks or months for infrastructure to be deployed.  Think of it as a tool for improving business velocity.  Media companies can use this service to enhance their web presence during big events like the Olympics or Presidential Election.  Software companies may use it for development or testing new applications.

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service℠ provides cloud-based virtual data storage with on-demand scalability, pay-as-you go pricing and the enterprise-class security of the AT&T network.  You will never out grow our cloud based storage, so you can just worry about your business and we will make sure the storage infrastructure is their when you need it.  Media companies may want to archive old commercials, graphics, or print adds in an inexpensive yet highly available way using AT&T Storage as a Service.

What are the major trends impacting your industry?  Have you considered the possibilities of leveraging cloud as an industry solution?  If so, where is your firm in evaluating the “Cloud Can” promise?
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