Does Your Cloud Have a Carburetor?

  • Soon, most things we do will be cloud-based.
  • Cloud access must be secure, reliable, high performance, and accessible.
  • A turnkey solution from a portal or API helps solve these challenges.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add turnkey enterprise cloud-based solutions to your corporate network from a portal or API? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could have those resources immediately available as just another site on the network you already trust — and one that your users (including wireless users) already understand?

I had the privilege of speaking at CSC’s TechCom 2014 in Atlanta. Hearing myself talk about the future of the cloud inspired me to summarize it here for anyone who wasn’t in attendance. Other bloggers have covered the topic in a similar fashion in the past, so my intent here is to recap and build upon what has been covered by those who came before me.

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We all know that the cloud is here to stay. It is becoming such a factor in what we do that we will soon stop mentioning the cloud, because its presence will be assumed — much like what happened with the Internet. When is the last time you heard someone say, “Look at this cool thing I found on the Internet?” We no longer need to indicate that we found it on the Internet; where else would it have come from?

What’s Coming for the Cloud

Very soon, most things we do will be cloud-based. This does not only include our websites, data storage, and email, but everything — right down to the enterprise applications that we rely on each day to do our jobs.

Our access to the cloud must then be secure, reliable, and high-performing. These are three things that don’t typically come to mind when you think about the cloud — until now. We now have networking options that can provide the same levels of security, reliability, and performance that we demand for critical applications. With the integration of our MPLS core into our cloud services, as well as those offered by other cloud providers, our AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN) customers can access leading cloud providers and solutions from their existing network.

You wouldn’t buy an eco-friendly, hybrid, smart car with all kinds of modern capabilities and then bolt on a 1970’s carburetor. You would essentially be undermining all the benefits of the latest automotive technologies with an outdated and less efficient solution. But companies are doing that every day when they bolt legacy networking solutions onto modern cloud platforms.

Sacrificing efficiency, scalability, performance, and security, these companies usually end up paying more by routing or “hair-pinning” their enterprise users through a corporate data center, strung together with leased lines or IPSec tunnels to the cloud. Every hop adds delays and reduces the end-to-end availability of a core MPLS network that is inherently better without the add-ons. The result is a path with too many connections to traverse, too much equipment to fail, and too much management overhead to effectively manage capacity and security. There also exists the challenge of integrating mobile users, because these days, practically every employee needs access from outside of the office.

To solve these challenges, consider a turnkey enterprise solution to your corporate network from a portal or API. There’s no added cost, no added delay, no sacrifice of reliability – and no carburetor!

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