Cloud Does Not Win Alone

Between the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes, this award season also brings the Audie Awards.  This year I have paid more attention to the Audies than other awards due to my over involved relationship with audiobooks.

Spoken word brings pages to life in an experience that reading to self cannot do. I extended this relationship with the performance of the written word to my four- and six-year-old children.  As we listened to Anne Hathaway’s performance of the Wizard of Oz, I began to realize her performance was dependent on L. Frank Baum’s amazing writing as well as a production team.  The old adage is true that success never happens alone.  It is the reason why upon accepting awards, there are countless others to thank.

Delivering a unique and engaging experience to lead to an Audie nomination, is similar to building a cloud solution: best in class components are needed to build a unique, highly effective solution.

Cloud thrives on combined talent:

1. The cloud ecosystem:

One of the great things about working in the cloud environment is that the heart of cloud is an ecosystem of innovation and development driven from sharing resources and ideas.  It brings together a diverse group of experiences and knowledge to create something progressive.  Here are a few cloud nominations that show how award-winning performance is dependent upon multiple factors: For businesses that want to spend more time on activities core to their business, a study from Forrester commissioned by AT&T indicated that businesses found greater efficiencies when working with a single vendor that brings it all together.

2. Solution provider programs:

Allowing the open sharing of ideas can lead directly to what the end users need, particularly with custom end to end solutions.  These programs boost their ability to tie together the best of the components of what the customer has, what the customer needs, and a solution to make it work together in a custom solution.

3. Communities: OpenStack with open sharing of source, design, and development builds community in the purest sense where the greater accomplishment overshadows individual accomplishment.  OpenStack is the aggregator for all the people to be thanked:


Anne Hathaway won an Oscar and is nominated for an Audie.  Her talent is a key component to these successes.  But in her speech, she graciously acknowledges the level of her success is dependent on the team around her. Similarly, best in class cloud infrastructure is a key component to a solution’s success.  However, the solution is dependent upon key components such as the network, proper applications, and an aggregator acting as a director.

Have you worked with an aggregator to bring together best in class components to create a remarkable end user experience?
Catherine Scaramuzzi Senior Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Catherine