Cloud Isn’t “Disruptive”; It’s Constructive

What is the cloud doing at an application-focused show?

In late April, I had the pleasure of attending Collaborate 12, an event focused on Oracle users. Hot topic of conversation? You guessed it, “disruptive technology” cloud. Runner up: mobility. It was an application-focused show, but those two topics are top-of-mind for every conference-goer.

Cloud has been part of the conversation since at least 2006; mobility has been part of it even longer. So, why are we still hearing that these technologies are disruptive? And, since when has “disruptive” been a good thing? When I was in school, disruptive kids ended up in detention. Are we putting the cloud in a time out?

Instead, I think what we’re finally seeing is a groundswell of support for cloud. It’s riding this wave hand-in-hand with mobility for a lot of reasons. The most important reason is that, if it’s distributed correctly, cloud pushes data closer to users. Mobile devices give users the power of anywhere access. But, the power of access without the power of information would leave both technologies coming up short.

Back to Collaborate, why do traditional apps people care? They’re tasked with helping their users access any information from anywhere – and to make sure that the costs of applications stay low. The cloud + mobility does that. However, that makes the cloud a productive tool, not a disruptive tool.

I understand that “disruptive” is a cool word, but I propose we start thinking about cloud + mobility + applications as a constructive game-changer.

What do you think, constructive or disruptive?  Is Cloud and Mobility more constructive or disruptive in your opinion?  Please leave your comments below.
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