It’s no longer “What?” it’s “How?”

Last year I had the opportunity to present during GTC East: The New York Digital Government Summit 2010’s executive luncheon. In talking with summit attendees and various customers over the last few months, the theme’s been consistent. It’s no longer a question of “What is the Cloud?” The conversation is shifting to “How can I use the Cloud?”

Part of the shift is due to the fact that the comfort level with cloud services is rising. Just as we saw the comfort level and adoption of virtualization increase over the last few years, the same thing is starting to happen with Cloud services. I believe that if companies don’t adopt a Cloud strategy, their users will adopt one for them. (Trust me, it’s better to adopt one yourself than have it adopted for you.)

Ask yourself this. Do you have a strategy around the Cloud? Are you using any Cloud services? If so, who  and why?

Companies are beginning to wrap their heads around the idea of the cloud. They’re asking how they can use the cloud in their businesses.

Have you shifted to the HOW conversation?
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