Is cloud networking a head-scratcher?

  • A growing awareness of the value of integrating networking and cloud solutions exists among IT buyers.
  • Stratecast Frost & Sullivan highlights the value of AT&T NetBond as a true network-enabled cloud.

Today I took Google for a spin and searched the term “cloud computing.” As expected, the phrase appeared a lot — nearly one million times in search in the past 24 hours. When I then searched for “cloud networking,” the term appeared only about 400 times in the last 24 hours.

While my experiment is informal, it certainly demonstrates that the phrase “cloud computing” has mindshare among those researching services to solve their technology challenges, while the phrase “cloud networking” is far less top-of-mind.

This continues to be a bit of a head-scratcher to me. Here’s why:

It’s becoming clearer as enterprise customers shift applications to the cloud that a critical element of the success of their project will be directly related to the performance and inherent capabilities of their underlying network.

Running applications on a cloud platform is an important first step in taking advantage of the technological and cost benefit advantages of cloud services. However, selecting the right solution to deliver the intelligent networking that can enable your customers, partners, and employees — allowing them to access these cloud applications and services — is an equally important part of your decision making process. Hosting your applications in the cloud on a network that is reliable, highly secure, and able to keep up with performance demands is the ideal scenario. If that network solution is also fully integrated and tested with the cloud platform – even better.

That’s why I’m happy to share a new Perspective and Insight for Executives by Industry analyst firm, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan, highlighting the value of AT&T NetBondSM as a true network-enabled cloud. You can download the report below.

The report evaluates the growing awareness among IT buyers of the value of integrating networking and cloud solutions so the network becomes a seamless and integral component of the cloud experience.

Rather than simply carrying user traffic to the door of the cloud center, AT&T NetBond Service continues straight into the cloud provider’s platform, allowing the enterprise customer a high degree of end-to-end control over cloud application performance. This approach requires a greater level of commitment and investment from AT&T and its partners than other connectivity models.

Frost & Sullivan was so impressed with AT&T NetBond Service that they awarded us the Frost & Sullivan Product Strategy Leadership award, noting among other advantages, “….the deep level of integration between AT&T’s network platform and cloud providers’ platforms, AT&T NetBond enables greater end-to-end visibility and management of cloud-based workloads, allowing enterprises to deliver a more consistent, secure, and reliable experience to end users across multiple cloud platforms and multiple access types (including the AT&T LTE mobile network).” You can read more about the award here.

As cloud services become more tightly integrated into the IT fabric of businesses, I expect organizations to increasingly seek the value of a global, enterprise-strength network for the long-term success of their technology solutions along with a ubiquitous, highly secure experience across all of their cloud providers.

AT&T is committed to continued investment and innovation in our NetBond platform as we build out a powerful partner ecosystem.

Rene Dufrene Product Marketing Management AVP AT&T About Rene