Cloud Storage and Solutions for the Mobile Workforce

  • AT&T and Gartner address trends and obstacles for the mobile workforce.
  • Mobile workforce explosion demands new security and delivery methods.

We are a workforce on the go. As more workers become location-independent, the mobile workforce is the wave of the future. But how would you define a mobile workforce? Ten years ago, it would have meant working from home, or perhaps sitting at another desktop computer, either in your current location or at another physical location.

The definition of a mobile workforce is quite different today. Today’s enterprise workforce is more mobile than ever before and employees are taking ever-increasing data along with them on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, netbooks and more. In fact:

  • According to a recent iPass report, the average mobile worker carries 3.5 devices. (I haven’t quite figured out what a .5 device is but I am sure the most proficient technology geek will have one – or will be getting one soon).
  • From 2007 to 2012, mobile data traffic on the AT&T U.S. wireless network increased more than 30,000 percent.
  • The AT&T global network carries more than 49 petabytes of data on the average business day. That’s enough data to fill 10,931,949 DVDs. Just to give perspective, if the DVDs were stacked, they would equal 3024 stories or 28 times the height of the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Workers are using devices and cloud storage to work. This trend not only demands new methods of delivering, protecting, and backing up corporate data, it raises questions about how to best deliver key applications to mobile users, selecting the right vendor, and more.

What is a company to do, and when should they do it? What should be considered when combining the flexibility of cloud storage with the growing mobile device market? What benefits should be expected?

View the webinar Cloud Storage and Solutions for the Mobile Workforce as Gartner Research Director Gene Ruth and AT&T Director of Cloud Services Gregg Sexton offer some answers.

Take a look and share your thoughts on the webinar and your plans for dealing with your increasing data and increasingly mobile workforce. Leave a comment —- I’d love to hear from you!

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