STARTEK Speeds Client Activations By Moving To AT&T Cloud

  • Successful deployment means getting up and running quickly and cost-effectively.
  • STARTEK used AT&T's Cloud and Data Center Storage solutions to streamline contact center deployment.

With any deployment, getting up and running quickly is a key objective. Costs from project delays can mount quickly and hamper long-term success. On the other hand, rapid and efficient deployments drive client satisfaction and competitive advantage.

With an eye toward improving contact center deployments, STARTEK, a leader in business process outsourcing, looked to AT&T’s Cloud and Data Center Storage solutions to optimize the time and resources required for deployments. STARTEK is using AT&T cloud services to create a suite of highly-secure ‘industry leading’ cloud solutions that will speed STARTEK’s ability to provide services to new and existing customers.

AT&T and STARTEK’s cloud solutions are set to virtualize application environments and streamline contact center deployments, leading to new levels of efficiency and cost advantages.

Patricia Hain Information Services Senior Vice President StarTek About Patricia