Cloud, Your Way

  • Cloud storage eliminates the delays of the traditional procurement cycle.
  • A network-enabled cloud combines secure private WAN experience with the scalability of the cloud.

In just a few short years, cloud-based infrastructure services have become a viable and increasingly mainstream way of delivering and consuming applications. Lately, I’ve noticed people beginning to refer to “cloud” rather than “the cloud,” possibly because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all proposition. So it pays to consider some options that can be used individually or in combination as part of a holistic cloud strategy.

Looking for a huge space for your Big Data?

Explosive data growth is prompting a growing number of businesses to turn to the cloud as a ready-made virtual data storage solution. Dynamically scalable, cloud storage eliminates the delays and effort of the traditional procurement cycle. And, according to Forrester Research, total cost of ownership can be around 70-75% less than on-premise storage.

Need some extra muscle?

With pressure on IT departments to be more responsive to the ebb and flow of business, compute-as-a-service is ideal for supporting new applications, users, geographies, or initiatives. Cloud-delivered compute power allows organizations to handle with ease any unanticipated upswings in orders, transactions, or other workloads that would otherwise dramatically impact server performance and availability.


Concerned about putting sensitive data in the public cloud?

For certain sectors or workloads, whether for security or availability reasons, a public cloud just won’t cut it. A private cloud provides dedicated infrastructure to deliver reliable, uncontested performance and a virtualization layer to increase availability. The whole thing is wrapped up in layers of security controls to help ensure critical applications remain protected at all times. In addition, a private cloud gives a very high level of control and flexibility, enabling decision makers to control software versions, upgrades, and application life-cycles.

Looking for enterprise-grade performance with public cloud scalability?

The complexity of integrating external clouds with on-site production systems can be a barrier to cloud adoption. A network-enabled cloud, however, seamlessly integrates the world of the locked-down and manageable private corporate WAN with the scalability of cloud infrastructure resources that reside “out there” on the public internet.

It pays not to start out by asking “what kind of cloud do I need?” but “what sort of applications and data do I want to deliver?” and employ whatever hybrid of cloud technologies is required to obtain the end result.

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