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Cloud-based collaboration isn’t new, but it’s not yet mature either.

According to a study by Wainhouse Research, only 25 percent of small to mid-size businesses run their unified communication and collaboration solutions completely through the cloud.

Businesses who fully utilize the cloud report:

  • Improved IT productivity
  • Better quality
  • Faster upgrades to their software

In my opinion, if a customer is not getting improvements in productivity, quality and upgrades from the cloud, they need to find a new cloud provider. Said differently: the problem is not the cloud-based collaboration model.

Security and data protection

What’s keeping small and mid-sized businesses from committing to the cloud?

According to Wainhouse, 92 percent of them are concerned about security. At AT&T, we understand that our customers’ data isn’t just zeroes and ones passing through cyberspace.

Data protection has real-world effects for businesses, and for their customers. That’s why security is at the core of everything we do.

Our technical architects build security into our cloud and collaboration solutions so that customers don’t need to choose between security and productivity or performance.

Box from AT&T

Alexion is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and delivering life-transforming treatments for patients with devastating and rare diseases. For Alexion, collaborating across many countries to share data is a priority.

Alexion adopted Box from AT&T in July 2016 for cloud-based sharing, storage and collaboration. Box has been well received internally and keeping sensitive company information secure was key to the transformation.

In 2014, we announced that Box from AT&T would become enabled with AT&T NetBond®. That means users get the cloud-based collaboration and sharing of Box, with the enhanced network performance and security that NetBond provides by extending AT&T’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the Box cloud.

With NetBond, VPN traffic to and from the Box cloud is isolated from the public internet. This helps protect it from unauthorized access. NetBond also offers customers the ability automatically scale bandwidth to accommodate peak traffic loads.

When AT&T opened NetBond-enabled Box to select initial customers, we knew Alexion could benefit from combining these two solutions.

“Our ability to collaborate globally within and outside the company with sensitive information that needs to be shared easily is critical,” says David Dill, CTO of Alexion. “We had already introduced Box from AT&T, and our employees were excited by the ease of use and mobile capabilities.”

Adding NetBond was an easy decision, says David.

“We take the security of our information seriously, and adding an extra layer of protection to Box from AT&T solution is one more way for us to secure our data,” he added.

By using Box from AT&T with NetBond, Alexion can collaborate with confidence and added security. Check out more about AT&T’s Box and AT&T NetBond® collaboration solutions, and be sure to swing by Booth S4 at BoxWorks this week.

Please join us at BoxWorks 2016 to hear more about this solution.

  • Thursday, September 8, 1:45 – 2:45 p.m.
    • Breakout Session: With Andy Daudelin, Vice President of Cloud and Cloud Networking, AT&T.
  • Thursday September 8, 3:00 PM
    • Panel Discussion: Hear Alexion’s experience in using NetBond-enabled Box from AT&T
  • Three 15-minute sessions on NetBond-enabled Box and EMM, one per day, September 6, 7 and 8 in the Partner Pavillion

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