With Collaboration: No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

  • HD video conferencing and collaboration allow users to host meetings on desktop and web-connected devices.
  • A professional cloud-based communication solution encourages collaboration and teamwork, anywhere, anytime.

In the not-so-distant past, meetings were held in one designated conference room in every office with people seated around a table, and perhaps one or two folks on a business trip were “conferenced in.” Today we live in a different world, where employees often work from a variety of locations and meetings take place remotely. Effective collaboration under these circumstances can be challenging. Add in the complication of BYOD, plus the associated security and compatibility concerns, and meeting planning can get downright tricky.

HD video conferencing and collaboration can solve this challenge by allowing users to host and hold high-definition video conferences across their desktops and web-connected devices. Conferences with up to 50 attendees can be scheduled ahead of time or started instantaneously. Screen sharing features allow website and cloud-based storage file sharing, while integrated chat provides private exchanges between participants.

Effective communication is crucial to better productivity, and it can be challenging without the right tools. Cloud-based collaboration tools that connect employees with one communications solution work by simplifying business communications and unifying team members almost anywhere. A professional cloud-based communication solution that enables voice, text, fax, voice/web conferencing, mobility, and high-definition video conferencing provides a range of communication options and encourages teamwork from your workforce, regardless of location or their device of choice.

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Rajesh Bhatia Mobility and Advanced Solutions Product Marketing Management Director AT&T About Rajesh