College football stadium aims to provide ultimate game-day experience

fans at football game

The University of Wisconsin has grown to become one of the most competitive schools in college athletics, and fan experience drives the program’s success.

When the athletic department wanted to enhance the fan experience, it turned to AT&T and Cisco. Together, they offered a modern, technology-driven, one-of-a-kind game day experience for Badger fans.

At Camp Randall Stadium, fans can experience excitement like no other.

The “Jump Around” tradition shows how Badger fans really enjoy game day. Picture the entire stadium literally shaking and swaying from all the fans jumping. That’s what happens when “Jump Around” plays at the end of the third quarter.

Connected Stadium Network

More than 80,000 fans come to watch home games during the season.

When fans suggested ways to make game day even more memorable, the athletic department listened. One of their top requests? Wi-Fi coverage and improved cell phone service.

With AT&T and Cisco Connected Stadium Network and Cisco StadiumVision™ with high-density Wi-Fi, Camp Randall Stadium now provides the ultimate game-day experience.

With Cisco Connected Stadium Network, the stadium provides real-time, reliable access to applications and services on mobile devices simultaneously to tens of thousands of fans, just like they requested.

The response

Fans love it!

How do we know? With every text, tweet, and post. Game day has become a social experience they share with friends and family – especially those “Jump Around” videos.

This season, every fan will have the best seat in the house. Fans can view plays from every angle and access four screens of live-streaming video on our Badger Game Day App. Every fan can get a free program as well, which is also downloadable from the app.

During the off season, AT&T added capacity to the Distributed Antenna System at Camp Randall. This increases LTE capacity at the venue by nearly 60 percent, making it even easier for fans to check stats, take selfies, text, and make calls.

The 2016 football is right around the corner, and we’re ready. Wisconsin football is important to our fans. And our fans are important to us. Go Badgers!

Watch the video to learn how you can get the ultimate fan experience at your stadium.

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