Coming Together for Innovation in M2M

Industrial Internet, smarter connected machines, and connected assets are terms we are all becoming used to. These innovations are also estimated to add trillions of dollars in productivity improvements to the global economy. As a major industrial company, GE is at the forefront of this transformation, making their machines “brilliant” by embedding communications capabilities to collect all kinds of data. Analyzing and extracting knowledge from this data will improve performance, optimize maintenance, and speed development of new improved machines.

In implementing its vision for the Industrial Internet and brilliant machines, GE is integrating solution elements that help power innovation under its Predixplatform. As announced at this week’s Minds & Machines conference in Chicago, AT&T is one of three new strategic relationships focused on innovation and the Industrial Internet.

As part of this alliance, AT&T will collaborate with GE to provide several M2M solution elements, including global cellular, Wi-Fi, wireline and satellite connectivity where applicable, network security components, cloud infrastructure, and purpose-built devices. AT&T’s newly opened M2M Foundry will be the hub for innovation and collaboration on emerging Industrial Internet solutions.

In leading this transformation, AT&T will work with diversified manufacturers like GE to expand the boundaries of what is possible. This video showcases a variety of M2M solution elements and customer benefits.

Innovation of this kind is driven by new thinking and great ideas. Engage with us to address the technical and business barriers organizations are facing around M2M.

What issues do you think we need to take on to accelerate adoption of the Industrial Internet?
Mobeen Khan Business Executive Mobility Marketing Director AT&T About Mobeen