Communication at your fingertips with Enhanced Push-To-Talk

  • Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) combines the power of push-to-talk with the power of smartphones.

  • Bring the resources of your office directly to your field and mobile workforce.

  • Simplify management and increase control with workforce management apps to make your workers and administrators more productive.

Simply defined, Push-to-Talk (PTT) offers instantaneous communication on a smartphone, feature phone, or rugged device. Users can easily switch from transmission mode to voice reception mode with a touch of a button.

This may first bring to mind vintage walkie-talkies and the CB radio craze of the 1980s. However, today’s Enhanced Push-to-Talk platform works over nationwide 4G LTE cellular networks and combines user-friendly two-way radio functionality with workforce management capabilities.

Keep employees in reach, wherever the job takes them

Enhanced Push-to-Talk offers integrated dispatch capabilities that allow dispatchers to view a user’s location and conduct group (or individual) calls through a PC desktop. You can enjoy faster communication with PTT and use productivity apps on certain devices to improve operational efficiencies.

For example, you can use workforce management apps on your smartphone to manage jobs, monitor internal tasks, and even keep in touch with customers.

What’s more, your employees can use a wide range of devices to stay responsive and informed. With Enhanced Push-to-Talk, they can connect and communicate via smartphones, feature phones, rugged devices, and even two-way radios via interoperability. Users can also migrate or augment their narrowband radio network with a broadband national PTT network to utilize for productivity and logistics applications while preserving workgroup communications through interoperability.

When quick communication is vital to getting the job done and keeping the customer happy

Enhanced Push-to-Talk is designed to quickly connect people and provide the technology they need to work more efficiently. Without a doubt, our platform has distinct advantages in industries such as construction, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities.

In construction: Coordination of materials and activity is key to remain within the timeline for project completion. Always a concern, labor cost management is one of the highest expenses on a project. By using Enhanced Push-to-Talk on a rugged phone, the job site becomes instantly connected with a push of a button for any needed logistics or status information. Beyond that, by being on our broadband network, you are able to manage your labor costs more effectively through automating payroll and timecard functionality. This in turn creates more accountability for hours worked by verifying that individuals were at the job site when clocked in.

You can also perform customer invoicing and materials management documentation on the same platform. This truly automates the business, as opposed to waiting for paper to be turned in. In this way, the Enhanced Push-to-Talk platform can help you integrate instant voice, broadband data, productivity applications, and business processes – so everything works together seamlessly.

In hospitality: Customer experience is key to repeat business. With AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk, customers are able to quickly communicate between different departments for a more satisfying experience. In addition, you now have a cellular platform to utilize for other guest experience applications and efficiently document room service requests as well as maintenance tickets being completed.

In transportation: Here workers often find themselves using multiple devices to connect people and manage logistics. AT&T has integrated these multiple devices and applications into a single platform.

With our platform, you can also take advantage of accessory solutions in your vehicles that allow for one-touch communications, reducing driving-while-distracted concerns. The application is integrated into fleet management solutions so you can dispatch effectively to the driver and have real-time communication between the driver and the dispatcher. This not only allows for vehicle monitoring and driver monitoring but allows for exceptional customer service by bringing real-time access to location and status.

Whatever the demands of your dynamic work environment, you can use Enhanced Push-to-Talk to instantly connect and manage your resources and check their availability in real time. You can initiate group PTT calls with up to 250 people, and use productivity applications simultaneously. When necessary, supervisors can override PTT calls to deliver urgent messages.

Broad, dependable coverage makes the difference

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk provides reliable coverage via our nationwide 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks. The solutions also work globally and over compatible Wi-Fi networks, so your workers can communicate with Enhanced Push-to-Talk in buildings where cellular data network signals may not reach.

Doug Clark Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Industry Solutions Practice Director AT&T About Doug