Communication Technology is like the Cotton Gin

It’s pretty widely accepted that the 19th century was propelled forward by an agricultural revolution and the 20th century by a manufacturing revolution.  What will propel the 21st century economy?  According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, the answer is a communications revolution.

The Carbon Disclosure Project recently released a new study entitled “Building a 21st Century Communications Economy.” The CDP is an independent, not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world.  Their new report makes so much sense and strikes me as the answer to the question “Why do we need to change?”  Using technology is the way to move the economy forward.
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) such as Cloud Computing, field service automation, fleet management and telepresence can actually save government agencies and businesses money.  And oh, by the way, we might be able to help the environment too.

ICT can have significant economic, environmental and social benefits.  But we first must get over the fear of change or the “Why do we need to do that; this has always worked” thoughts.  For me, it helps explain both the why we need to change and also why we should expect to change.  Without the agriculture and manufacturing revolutions, where we would be today?  It seems the logical next step.

What do you think the moniker of the 21st century will be?  Please leave your comments and thoughts below.
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