The Connected Business at Mobile World Congress

Are you heading to Barcelona Spain for Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year? If you are one of the lucky few, 70,000+ attendees and staffers, you’ve already updated your passport, booked your flight, secured your hotel room, and probably planned a few excursions before or after the event.

For those of you who haven’t, in additional to saving thousands of dollars on airfare and lodging, I can provide an insider’s perspective of what AT&T has planned for the event.

The connected business

How familiar are you with the term Connected Business? AT&T believes it’s taking traditional business activities and delivering them seamlessly across all mobile form factors, carriers, and operating systems. The goal? To provide near-real-time information at your fingertips, so you, or an employee of the business, can act upon that information and keep a process moving.

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But don’t stop with just the people. Think about connecting all aspects of your business and processes, providing business continuity that simplifies your employees’ daily lives both inside the office and out, within their work persona and their daily lives. Today’s Connected Business can help with employee retention, can improve collaboration and customer relationships, and can increase productivity and improve supply chain management.

Simply put, a Connected Business can make business better.

The connected mindset

A Connected Business starts with a mindset. It’s adapting to the new realm in which we live, where all things are mobile — or can and will be in the near future. A Connected Business drives innovative growth, is global in scale, and addresses all aspects of a workforce. A Connected Business is both personal and expansive. It is personal, scaling down to an individual’s preferred device, while at the same time it can scale up to meet an essential core competency of a business, such as measuring fluid levels across thousands of miles of pipelines. The Connected Business is what AT&T is striving to enable for all of its customers, to empower better business.

Your ticket to the daily MWC

If you’re not going to be make the trip to Spain, check back here for daily updates and take-aways from the conference. We’ll provide you a front-row seat for the action.

In the meantime, take the Barcelona Edition of our Mobile IQ Test and find out what you know (and what you don’t) about enterprise mobility.

If you’re attending MWC, bring your completed test to our stand in Hall 6 Stand 6B10 and claim your honorary AT&T geek glasses.

Once you’ve taken the Barcelona edition, take the full Mobile IQ Test and see how you compare against your colleagues and peers.

See you back here with “the best of” from the MWC.

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