Connected retail and the digital customer experience

  • A rich online retail strategy improves the customer experience.
  • Making the shift to an omni-channel strategy requires a strong mobility infrastructure.

I was recently impressed by one retailer’s online strategy. The company provided a rich online experience by adding personalization features and making it easy for customers to navigate the site. By adding reviews and product videos, the company improved the customer experience and increased trust. The company built customer service right into the online experience. And by integrating analytics from online and mobile commerce, the company gained a better understanding of its customers. As a result, online sales have increased by more than 19 percent.

In this competitive landscape of fast moving, innovative digital commerce, a transformation is happening before our eyes. This transformation is all about delivering a great digital experience. With the global eCommerce market set to grow faster than within U.S. borders, all merchants should consider how they might reach potential customers in other countries.

A recent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report commissioned by AT&T, The New Retail: From Mobile Aspirations to Business Results, discusses the importance of a strong mobility infrastructure for organizations making the shift to an omni-channel experience.

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