Connecting the car loT: How IoT technology can help dealers sell cars

By: Hal Dewsnap, Senior Vice President and General Manager for LoJack

Does this sound familiar? You leave the mall, forget where you parked and walk with one hand in the air clicking your remote to set off the horn and lights. Now think about working at a car dealership. A car lot full of the same types of vehicles can make it difficult to locate the one your customer wants to test drive or buy. Then go one step further. Imagine you find the right car, try to start it and the battery is dead! These are scenarios that car dealerships want to avoid. The automotive and fleet industries are using AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to become more efficient and provide better customer service.

Our company, LoJack, is a leading provider of tracking and recovery systems as well as equipment and fleet telematics. We worked with AT&T to develop a tool to help dealerships keep better track of their cars. The LoJack® IM1 Inventory Management solution lets dealers find and access valuable information about their inventory. They can do this when they need to, where they need to; it works on demand, remotely. They can find specific cars by searching year, make, or model. They can also monitor maintenance issues, like battery level. We’re using AT&T’s network and platforms to build, manage, and deliver more connected solutions, like LoJack IM1 to dealerships. We’re helping our customers simplify operations and improve the car buying experience.

We are excited to bring this technology to the marketplace. It’s a great example of how we are using IoT to cut costs and give customers exciting new solutions. We’ll continue to build on LoJack’s current portfolio of telematics solutions, and look for new ways to bring valuable solutions to our customers.

Hal Dewsnap joined the LoJack Corporation in January 2013 as the Senior Vice President/General Manager of U.S. Sales.  Mr. Dewsnap brought 30 years of domestic and international sales experience to LoJack. Prior to joining, he served as Regional Sales, Service and Parts Manager for the Ford Motor Co. in Boston, where as the top executive in New England he led a team responsible for more than $2 billion in annual sales. From 2005 to 2010 Mr. Dewsnap was Ford’s Los Angeles Regional Sales Manager. In addition, Mr. Dewsnap also served as Ford’s VP/District Manager in Puerto Rico and Marketing Manager for the Middle East District for Ford’s Worldwide Direct Market Operations.

Hal Dewsnap is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for LoJack. He is a guest blogger for AT&T Networking Exchange. All opinions are his own.


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