Connectivity-wise, where do you stand?

  • Stay competitive by continually innovating around the voice of your customer.
  • Make sure your brand connects to your customer, regardless of the channel.

As a consumer products company, it’s vital that you deliver on your brand promise every day to earn and maintain the trust, repeat business, and loyalty of your customers. It’s also important to continually innovate around the voice of your customer and to deliver a personal and consistent brand experience to each individual. Finally, the right product has to be on the right shelf, be it physical or virtual, at the right time — the time when they are ready to buy.

Even as you connect with consumers while still trying to grow margin and share, reduce costs, and meet compliance requirements, it is critically important that your organization be connected across the enterprise ecosystem with its workforce communities, demand communities, supply chain communities, and regulatory/compliance communities.

Is your enterprise ecosystem connected, or lacking connection, to the communities that are critical to delivery of the brand experience?

Workforce communities

How would you use a secure global network, IP voice, video, messaging, push-to-talk, M2M, and mobile technologies to more effectively communicate with the workforce?

Demand communities

Are you listening to and capturing the voice of your customer in their social and local communities, as well as that of your retail partners?

Supply chain communities

Are you collaborating, sharing data, and securely opening up internal processes to build partnerships with strategic internal and external suppliers?

Regulatory/compliance communities

Are the activities and actions undertaken on quality, freshness, traceability, visibility, transparency, and openness available to the global community?

For more on this topic, and to download a copy of the CGT/Gartner report presented at the recent Consumer Goods Technology Business and Technology Leadership Conference (CGT Conference), please read the report below:


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