Creating What’s Next @ AT&T

  • Businesses seek innovative ways to address emerging challenges.

  • AT&T growth platforms enable mobility, security, and cloud capabilities.

What’s our secret sauce for meeting the emerging technology needs for businesses? We call it “growth platforms.”  And with the help of a lot of folks across the business, we are creating it here at AT&T.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.

Our focus in growth platforms is on making new and innovative solutions possible for our customers.  Solutions that address many of the emerging challenges our customers face today. Like protecting their critical infrastructure and systems with cyber security solutions, optimizing their business processes through cloud solutions or gaining deeper, clearer insights into consumer behavior with platform APIs and big data.  These are the kind of solutions that drive meaningful bottom line results for our customers.

The solutions we are creating … and helping developers and customers create … draw upon our significant arsenal of platforms at AT&T.  These platforms include Cloud, Security, Platform APIs, Big Data and Analytics.  And the arsenal is growing. We have significant experience, strength and assets in each of these areas. And when we package them with our core networking and mobility capabilities, we create solutions that help customers address some of their most pressing business challenges.

Here are a few examples:

Transforming The Customer Relationship
We recently partnered with Payfone, a leader in secure mobile identity authentication, to create a solution that addresses a growing problem with mobile commerce fraud.  As more and more consumers use smartphones for banking and mobile commerce, the need for a simple and effective way to confirm user identity has emerged.  Payfone now uses our Mobile Identity API to confirm the identity of consumers using a mobile device to conduct commerce on our network.  Both the consumer and the merchant benefit. For the consumer, the transaction is safer and faster.  For the merchant and financial institution, fraud rates are reduced and the customer experience is improved. This is a win for the consumer, a win for banks and retailers, a win for Payfone and a win for AT&T.

Delivering Innovative New Solutions
AT&T operates the largest IP network in the world. We process billions of transactions each and every day.  Our intelligent network platform monitors these events and can identify abnormal behavior. So we asked ourselves, why not use this as a powerful tool to help our customers mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks?  This is exactly what we’re doing and the capability is already in action.  Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with several of our global customers about this solution.  They made it clear that cyber security is a top priority for them.  And we’re perfectly positioned with a unique set of platform capabilities and data-analysis tools to help them.

What’s more, we took a big step in strengthening these capabilities on February 25 when we announced the expansion of our strategic relationship with IBM.  We’re combining the strength and intelligence of our network and security capabilities with IBM’s security information and event management tools to deliver a very powerful solution to our customers.

New Growth Areas
Our Growth Platforms not only expand ABS’s business potential, they contribute significantly to revenue growth, churn reduction and value creation with our core network and mobility services.   We are aggressively working to expand our suite of bundles across these areas.  Secure Mobility is a great example.   As you know, many companies are mobilizing their employees and enabling anywhere/anytime access to cloud-based information and applications.   As they do this, there is an increasing security concern related to the exposure of highly sensitive or proprietary information.   By combining our mobility, security, NetBond and cloud capabilities, AT&T can deliver a differentiated secure mobile cloud solution.

These are just a few of the ways we’re using our growing arsenal of platform capabilities to create some new and exciting solutions. I’m very energized about the opportunity ahead. I hope you are too. And I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Jon Summers Growth Platforms Senior Vice President AT&T About Jon