4 Reasons Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity is essential for today’s businesses as securing networks becomes more complex.

  • AT&T’s Annual Cyber Security Conference explores effective security strategies and best practices.

The brutal truth is that securing your organization’s network and protecting the way you do business is getting more complex.

At the same time, business cycles of innovation and technology advancement are faster than ever. The choices are endless and the threats constantly evolving. All while competition heats ups with on-demand infrastructure and mobile services. Getting security right has never been more important – to your company and your customers.

During these heightened economic times, customers are tapping into our expertise as they execute their security plans. At AT&T we carry more than 60 Petabytes of data and analyze 500+ million security events on our network every day. Security is embedded in our network. It is our DNA. In fact, more than 500 security leaders are at AT&T’s Annual Cyber Security Conference in New York City today to discuss the following:

1. Cybersecurity is simply the way to do business. 

Cybersecurity is non-negotiable for businesses today. To conduct transactions, manage a P&L or call a colleague, the network has to be up and running. Network-level protection offers threat intelligence that is capable of scanning network activity for worm propagation, zero day events, dark address space scanning, DDoS activity, protocol misuse, botnets, and phishing attacks. Businesses also want reach. Our global network offers the strength and resiliency customers want, and it gives us the ability to block up to 90 percent of attacks before your business is impacted.

2. Proactive detection and response systems, guided by trusted threat intelligence are required.

Preventative measures to stop cyber-attacks are not enough. Among today’s business challenges is the need to see enough data to detect an issue while distilling the data volume so it yields meaningful actions. The ability to see that “needle in the haystack” is critical to early detection and resolution. In fact, demand for our threat management services is up 63 percent since this time last year.

That is why we’re creating The AT&T Security Resource Center, an all-in-one threat intelligence portal for security professionals, IT managers, and business leaders. In the coming weeks, we’ll launch this new site with up-to-date news and expert insights on critical security topics from around the world. To start to see what the Resource Center will entail, head here.

3. Network visibility and control provide the best combination for detecting and neutralizing threats. 

Smart businesses recognize the benefits of leveraging network controls as an integral part of their protection. As the first line of defense, demand for our network-based security services is growing at a significant clip — specifically 18 percent year-over-year.

Recently, a customer had an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) where data was siphoned outside the firewall. We detected the unauthorized activity within minutes after it occurred and worked quickly to block and clean the infected server. Because of the visibility, flexibility, and speed of working at the network level, our team completely shut down the attack in under three hours.

Control of the network also enables us to create new innovations for enterprise security including NetBond, a highly secure “on ramp” to the cloud. NetBond extends your enterprise VPN to AT&T’s growing ecosystem of cloud providers. I’m excited about NetBond because it also enables the future delivery of unified security policies across the enterprise cloud environment. When done correctly, security should be an argument for, not against, cloud adoption.

4. Business complexity requires security strategies to be easily deployed and enforced. 

Today’s organizations are faced with a dizzying combination of vulnerabilities; increased diversity in devices, apps, and storage locations; BYOD; remote access to corporate networks; and disparate security appliances managed by different groups. Having the ability to quickly deploy and scale a unified security policy across your business means security investments are more effective, more efficient — and ultimately, more valuable.

Increasingly businesses are deploying our rapid DDoS protection when their internal networks are overwhelmed by an attack. The vast majority of these deployments neutralize the attack in less than 24 hours. With these solutions in place, customers now have on-demand protection whenever it’s needed.

Hear firsthand from our security experts and customers at AT&T’s Cyber Security Conference or join the online conversation with #ATTsecurity.

Andy Daudelin Vice President of Cloud AT&T About Andy