Daddy, What’s a Phone Booth?

Daddy Whats a Phone BoothHey and welcome back to my continuing series on “How Do I Manage all those Cans and String”.  If you haven’t had a chance to build that connection with your younger loved ones, grab a couple of empty cans and tether them with string.  A fun memory will be had!

My how things have changed! We have covered in this series the evolution of Convergence.  This is what happens when we combine all of our voice needs and data needs into one network with MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).  We can now communicate and collaborate on one network.

I have worked with AT&T for 16 years and have always been a fan of the phone company.  I remember touring the old Central Office in Chattanooga with my class in the fourth grade.  I have a collection of old glass transformers that used to sit on top of telephone poles.  My favorite piece is a turn of the century oak wall phone with the crank and handset.  It’s very old fashion!  So you can tell I’m definitely proud to be a part of AT&T and believe AT&T is the network of choice.

For those who know me or have read this series, I’m not very technical.  Here are 3 ways you can use technology today to help your business productivity.

Applications Enablement – Let’s connect more doohickeys to our watchamacallits and let the thingamajigs collaborate.  With aVPN (Virtual Private Network) your company has the foundation to build upon its network investment.  You can combine your local, long distance, and data infrastructure into one network.  Then add on/bolt on Voice over IP, Universal Connectivity, and Cloud Computing to name a few.

Integration with Wireless – We have just about run out of IP addresses, but don’t worry there is a fix .  More and more devices are becoming connected to the network and mobile devices are leading the way.  You can now access your VPN safely and with security enhancements with your mobile device.

Management Capabilities – Whether you are at the office or on the road, there are online management capabilities to keep you connected. These online services provide you with network monitoring, performance reporting, billing and network asset inventories.  I could go on and on but I would then need a telecom dictionary.  This is not a technical discussion.

Technology’s major benefit is the way it helps change real lives in practical applications. As an example, I recently called home from The Grand Bizarre in Istanbul to my wife and kids.  There was free wi-fi and I enabled face time with my smartphone.  My son was able to show me where he lost his first tooth the night before.  The locals seemed to be very impressed by the technology.

In another example,  just the other day I was on a TelePresence video call with a colleague on the West Coast.  The interaction and quality of connection was amazing.  It was as if I was sitting across the room!

As I left that building from the TelePresence session and was walking toward Peachtree Road for my car, I noticed a wall where you could see the old holes from a long lost phone bank.  I thought to myself , “When was the last time I noticed a pay phone or even a phone booth?”  Oh yeah, it was in Istanbul.  BTW – my dad still thinks making a long distance call is an expensive crime.

Your Turn: What are some ways you use technology to enhance your business productivity? What are some ways you use technology  helps you in everyday real world experiences? Leave a comment below and join in on the discussion!

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