Data Breach: It Can Happen to You!

I was recently talking to a neighbor about the turn of this year’s events such as Hurricane Irene and the earthquake that we experienced.  She said  it has made her realize the importance of planning for the worst and knowing how to react in case a crisis strikes.

She said to me, “ I keep thinking of this phrase- ‘A stitch in time saves nine!’”

Being in the security field myself, when I have had to articulate the need to be proactive and plan for a security incident, the conversation definitely struck a chord.  It is very important to be agile while responding to an event/incident. Survival depends on how effective you were at planning the response whether it is a natural disaster or a security breach.

With so many breaches occurring each year, what happens if your organization experiences a breach?  News of data breaches have almost become business as usual.  We hear so much about data loss, that at times it might seem ordinary —that is, until it happens to your organization.

No organization is immune.  Regardless of how breaches occur, preventative measures offer no guarantees. No matter how advanced the security technology is or extensive the resources are the threat still remains.

Breaches can also be costly events when you factor in losses such as lost business, fines and litigation costs, lost shareholder value and damage to your reputation.  The single largest cost component is the loss of business from a tarnished reputation.

What distinguishes one breach from another is the post-breach response. Like a fire drill, being prepared makes the difference.  When a security breach hits, you need a response strategy that immediately curtails damage and prevents further jeopardy to your sensitive data. Meeting compliance, reporting and privacy regulations requires industry expertise and can be expensive.

To address these issues and others, Todd Waskelis and Chris Hague will discuss incident response, post-breach strategies, evidence retention and post-intrusion assessment in a live webinar. Get the answers you need so you are better prepared for a security breach.  Discover how you can help safeguard your intellectual assets and prevent further data loss.  You’ll also find out about new emerging technologies like mobile and cloud computing, and how they will affect your security.  If you are involved with security, this is a webinar you must attend.

Date: Oct 26 Time: 12 EST

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Information asset at risk? Get armed with information. Post-Breach Response

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