Digital disruptions have completely transformed a wide range of industries in the past decade, from music and print, to retail and video. As increasingly flexible and innovative ways of solving problems emerge, CIOs need to embrace new digital opportunities and harness the transformational power of IT to help their business keep up with nimble new competitors.

Read the Forrester Research report to see how advances in technology have not just disrupted the way companies do business, they have also influenced the role of the CIO. Modern CIOs are under increasing pressure to improve business outcomes by adopting the right technology at the right time.

Discover the three key competencies today’s CIOs must master to ensure their organization’s ongoing success—and learn how you can turn digital disruptions from operational threats into transformational opportunities.

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Digital disruption is at the forefront of a wider paradigm shift underway within IT organizations: a focus on the transformative power of IT to serve customers better. Digital disruptors use technology as a means to solve problems in ways that are faster, more efficient, and better for consumers...