Do You Really Need The Cloud?

There has been a lot of discussion lately around the cloud and how the cloud can benefit a business. I am the biggest proponent of cloud based services but I also know that the cloud is not a fit for everything, and every application.

I’d like to share a story of a current customer that is leveraging our Synaptic Hosting services today and why they chose our dedicated virtualized hosting services vs. a true cloud based service.

AT&T Williams, the racing team of Williams F1,  currently leverages AT&T’s Synaptic Hosting services for the delivery of their web site. They have taken advantage of this virtualized IT infrastructure that delivers a complete solution including network, security, computing and storage capabilities.  There were many driving factors that led AT&T Williams  to choosing AT&T Synaptic Hosting as their infrastructure of choice. There are times when an organization needs a flexible CPU, memory and bandwidth ready when those resources are required.  This “expandable” nature will allow reliability in environments where seasonal and event-based occurrences required a sudden increase in capability. Again, Synaptic Hosting can be a strong solution that meets the needs.

What I think is important to point out is that the ‘public’ cloud is quickly becoming the default position for procurement of IT resources – but this is not always the best place for an application to be deployed.

A company can use Synaptic Hosting to build on the existing infrastructure of its existing website.  This will help avoid unnecessary upgrades in hardware or software services by only deploying capacity where needed.  This aligns IT requirements with business needs.

Look at companies like Zynga that use the public cloud for their initial testing and launch of a new application, but then once the app reaches a critical mass, they pull that app into their private Cloud environment. There are many examples of this scenario in many verticals.

Some of the attraction to Cloud is the ease of access to IT resources and potential cost savings.  But what if you need something slightly different than what the cloud offers? What if you need a solution that allows you to bring dedicated physical components together with virtualized services? What if you need a solution that takes care of the infrastructure, including the base OS patching for you? These are the types of questions you need to ask when considering Cloud infrastructure services.

With the multitude of definitions of ‘Cloud,’ it can become confusing very quickly. It’s imperative to understand what your needs really are to understand if the cloud can be a fit.

With a robust, multimedia rich, solution like AT&T Williams needed, sure the cloud may have fit some of the requirements, but with the option to bring in dedicated devices for media rich content delivery, and combine that with a scalable virtual infrastructure, AT&T Synaptic Hosting offers them the best of both worlds The question you need to ask is  “Does the cloud really provide me with the level of service I am looking for, or do I need a little more support at the infrastructure layer so I can focus 100% on the applications that I am delivering to my end users?”

Synaptic Hosting provides options that are worth considering.

With AT&T you have options. So, how do you determine which service is best for you?  What do you see as advantage for Cloud deployment?  What pros and cons do you see for a different solution like Synaptic Hosting?  We look forward to your comments.

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