Do you really understand cybersecurity?

As part of our inaugural AT&T Cybersecurity Insights, a report designed to better equip businesses in securing their data, we find that there were approximately 43 million security incidents in 2014, a 48% increase from 2013.

That’s a staggering stat and it’s becoming more and more clear that cybersecurity isn’t something you can ignore.

It’s not simply a CIO, CSO, or IT issue. Senior leadership needs to understand cybersecurity if they are going to protect the business from it. And IT managers must also learn how to effectively communicate security issues to management.

To discuss the findings in the report, our @ATTSecurity  team has invited custom technology publisher IDG (@IDGTechTalk) and technology journalist @JeffRutherford to moderate a live Twitter chat via #ATTcyberinsights at our 17th Annual Cyber Security Conference on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 3:00 PM EST.

Some of the questions we will cover include:

  1. What should business executives know about cybersecurity? Why is their awareness of security important?
  2. What are the magic words that get your security projects approved?
  3. What are your biggest hurdles to jump to improve cybersecurity in your business?
  4. Which department(s) are responsible for data security in your company? What is the optimal way to structure it?
  5. What kind of security training does your company provide employees and executives? What is the key to successful training?
  6. What interesting items popped up during your last risk assessment?

And if you haven’t already, be sure to download AT&T Cybersecurity Insights. We hope the report is useful to you, whether you sit in senior leadership and want to get a better handle on cybersecurity or whether you’re a technical professional wanting to improve how you communicate security issues to your teams.

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