Don’t Be Blindfolded In Business Meetings

Grasping a big idea without a visual aid is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It’s extremely difficult (unless you’re a master magician, of course). At work, it’s a task that can put you in a really tough spot—one that we like to call the blindfold bind.

Blinded by the “ballyhoo”

Imagine that you are Ed of “Extreme Ed and Ted,” a thrill-seeking magic duo. Your Vegas spectacular is just weeks away and you’re still brainstorming ideas. While on a web conference with Ted, he pitches his concept for the show, “The Great Ballyhoo.” Before you can say “Bally-WHAT,” he describes an opening routine with “snake jugglers, boomerang dancers, and interpretive bull riders.” By the time he gets to the “sticky noodle escape,” you’re as confused as a levitating physicist.

Even if your ideas aren’t as fantastical as Ted’s, it’s always a good idea to watch out for the blindfold bind.

Seeing ideas clearly

With a “fit to whiteboard” feature, you don’t have to fear the blindfold bind. Sharing documents and presentations is easy. The “fit to whiteboard” feature enables web conference participants to see the full image in the whiteboard area.   You don’t have to scroll back and forth to see the complete view of what is being displayed.  If you need to take notes on the whiteboard, you can type, draw, and erase objects in real time—so everyone stays on the same page. That way, ideas can spread freely without losing their magic touch.

Have you ever been caught in a bind during a web conference, where you haven’t been able to see everything that’s being presented? Could you benefit from the magic of the whiteboard?
Lisanne Powers Unified Communications Lead Marketing Communications Manager AT&T About Lisanne