Easier Life In Store For China Multi-National Customers

Today’s announcement that AT&T and China Telecom are working together to expand AT&T’s IP-VPN (Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network) in China is great news for multi-national companies located there which use this network.  For these companies, life is set to become a whole lot easier.

These users can look forward to experiencing some of the tools, features and functionality that their overseas colleagues have enjoyed for some time. For multi-national companies with China operations, it has the potential to transform the way they do business. Indeed, many have been clamoring for such enhanced services for some time. They require enhanced communication services between China and the rest of the world to boost competitiveness and expand globally.

Once the upgrades are in place, the IP-VPN will allow companies to bring together multiple network types into a single network to support their voice, data and other business applications. These include email, internet and intranet access, sales tracking and other applications.

Multi-national companies can also enjoy Unified Communications which provides a combination of communication tools for business in one service. They will include voice over IP, video, web and audio conferencing. A strong business benefit is that it provides a high-performance foundation that can connect corporate headquarters, data centers, branch offices, and remote and mobile workers to each other.

The announcement means employees will be able to work from home, on the road and, of course, in the office. This enhances opportunities for work flexibility.  Importantly, they will be able to access their company network in the knowledge that the system is highly secure.  This IP-VPN has a security mechanism which includes tools to help predict and proactively prevent breaches by spotting suspicious Internet activity. In China, and elsewhere, security helps give peace of mind.

This is a guest blog post from Roman Pacewicz, AT&T Business Solutions Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Strategy.


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