Paper, Paper Everywhere!! On your desk and in your hair! OK so that’s a poor attempt at a silly jingle, but you get the idea.

Paper takes over our lives. We print it, receive it, read it, scan it. We file it, or in some cases throw it away, or the preferred method recycle it.  At times we shred it, make paper airplanes out of it or even tack it up to our walls. Whatever happened to this “paperless society” we have been hearing about for years? Paper is still everywhere!

Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce or eliminate some of this mountain of paper? Have you tried electronic billing (e-Bill)? I know and completely understand, I wasn’t an “early” adopter myself, because I thought I physically needed that piece of paper safely put into a file. I mean after all, who knows, I might someday need to look at it again. If I can even remember where I filed it.

However resistant I was, I have become a convert in recent years to e-bill. It seems I’m part of a growing trend as well, since approximately 14.4M AT&T customers have opted for paperless billing through 2010 and most recently AT&T has 28.1% paperless bill penetration of total Consumer bills for September, 2011.

I have to admit, it’s great! There is no more waiting to get the bill, then sticking it somewhere to later try to remember where, so I can process it for payment. I’ve even jumped the wide divide and am an autopay advocate as well. No more bulky envelopes of paper to file somewhere in my house or office. No more stamps or making out endless checks. It’s so simple! I read the email when it arrives, then file it into a mail folder on my computer (should I need to retrieve it later) and I’m done.

Not only has it simplified my life, but I’m also helping to do my part to lead a  sustainable life. Research has shown that if every American household viewed and paid its bills online, it would reduce solid waste in the U.S. landfills by more than 800,000 tons a year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.1 million tons. Amazing isn’t it?, What if businesses joined this party and also signed up for electronic billing? It would certainly help improve those numbers.

So why should I consider e-Bill for my business, you may ask? Well did you know that Nine out of ten of the companies surveyed rate eBill adoption to be a significant opportunity for their organizations. There are several factors playing into this. It reduces the costs to the business (no need for all that paper), it allows for quicker accounts receivable (if your customers are on auto-pay, there’s no need for it), it reduces waste and manual processing of envelope stuffing, etc. There really are a great number of other reasons I could cite. But I’d like to hear from you.

Why do you think e-Billing is a good idea?  Do you utilize it? What do you like most about it? We look forward to your comments below.
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