Educating our Sustainable Future

“It’s not easy being green.” ~  Kermit the Frog

My husband and I, like many parents of high school seniors, have spent countless hours of free time researching colleges and universities.  In any good research, especially for a major life changing decision, such as, where to send your child and your money, you need to consider several factors; distance from home, rating and ranking of the college/university,  majors/programs offered, financial costs, campus layout, housing, safety, food,  and a few others depending on what the individual is seeking.   This list mostly consists of the same concerns as in my generation. However, today, there is a new factor many consider in their college decision making process.  It is “how green” is your school? Fortunately, not only do lists exist to assist in this endeavor, but some of the universities making these lists are quite impressive in their sustainability efforts:

Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll for 2011

Although I knew our daughter’s selected school had sustainable programs in practice, visible on their website and evident as you tour the campus,  I didn’t get the full impact of their dedication, until I went to investigate further. I’m delighted to report, not only is my daughter’s selected school for this upcoming fall on these lists, including the “2011 Green Rating Honor Roll”, which was based on energy use, recycling, food, buildings, and transportation as well as academic offerings and action plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but it also won the America’s Greenest Campus Contest in 2009 because of student, faculty, and staff activism.

It’s unlikely that a notable alumni of her chosen school, Jim Henson, the creator of Kermit the frog, had any idea that Kermit’s famous words “It’s not easy being green” may someday inspire his alma mater to show Kermit, that although it may not always be easy, it’s a worthwhile cause.  It is my belief, that while we ourselves strive to live more sustainably, we must also teach our children to be the creative innovators to ensure a sustainable future.

This fall, I will miss having my daughter home everyday, but am grateful that technology exists to remain in touch visually, without physically being in the same location.  With the help of my AT&T mobile phone, I’ll be able to put “live video chat” to great use, when hearing her voice isn’t enough, This will enable me to save greenhouse gas emissions versus racing down I-95 to see her.

At AT&T, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers that can also help you reduce travel costs in your business.  Discover more about how our sustainability solutions can help reduce your business’ environmental impact.

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