Embracing the Shiny and New Work Models

Let’s face it, the working world is changing. It isn’t just because of the new Millennial’s joining the workforce. True, they have grown up in a more technology-enabled world, so it is the norm for most of them. However, not only the millennial’s, but also other workers utilizing technology, have, in many cases, evolved to be more collaborative, heavily connected, hyper-mobile and working at least part-time in a home office via telecommuting. This concept was detailed in Steve Cananio’s blog post and in this infographic:


While employee preferences do come into play in the new work models, they are also influenced by the need to reduce costs, connect people around the globe and meet corporate sustainability goals, like Swiss Re.

Armed with their technology gear such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, people are utilizing them by working in an office, at home, on the road, as well as just about anywhere.

Although I’m not in the millennial category, I have enjoyed and embrace these new work models from telecommuting to working from anywhere. I look forward to their continued evolution, bringing us workers of the world, greater flexibility and the ability to help reduce our commuting-related carbon footprints. If you are unable to enjoy these new work models due to the need for face-to-face interaction, here’s some tips to help make your workspace more sustainable.

Do you like these shiny new work models? What’s the best part of them, flexibility, costs savings, minimizing your impact?
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