Are your employees your best defense against cyber hackers?

  • As cyber threats increase, security breaches are becoming more frequent.

  • Ongoing security awareness training for employees can help protect the network.

  • AT&T's new video series helps deliver tips on best practices.

Cyber threats are ever present, and hackers are getting smarter and more creative. As these threats become more frequent and sophisticated, it’s not a matter of if, but when, an organization will experience a breach. Per Dave DeWalt, Fire Eye CEO, “97 percent — literally 97 percent of all companies — are getting breached.”

Delivering malware, for example, into a corporate enterprise is often facilitated by accessing a website, opening an email/attachment, or perhaps inserting a USB device that can introduce viruses capable of corrupting the system or stealing information. To help protect and defend the organization, it is critical that companies identify performance issues and deploy added security and training, so that employees will be able to recognize suspicious activity.

Involve employees in security awareness

Many companies and security practitioners require employee participation in ongoing security awareness training. These employee-oriented programs are typically conducted annually via online training or written documentation. The content is designed to help employees identify suspicious activity and recognize their role in securing the organization’s information.

Do you have an existing security awareness program? At AT&T, we’ve created an initiative titled, “You are the Firewall,” highlighting a fictitious character named “Murray,” who introduces humor to an otherwise dry subject. The “Murray” video segments introduce security concepts and situations that the employee may experience in real life to help drive the security best practices message home.


To learn more, watch these informative new videos from the AT&T Security Awareness Team and learn about AT&T network security services. How will you implement cyber defense training?

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