Enable 110% productivity from mobile devices

  • Laptops, tablets, and smartphones each have different strengths.

  • The smartest companies make sure employees have the right devices.

  • Files should be as easy to access on mobile as they are on the desktop.

My smartphone is my primary computing device. Because I’m constantly on the go, I need to access my data and services from everywhere I am. While plenty of mobile warriors tote their laptops everywhere, I decided that wasn’t the way I could be most productive. Instead, I’ve turned to mobile access services, powerful mobile applications, and the cloud to enable more productivity than I had before.

Keep reading to learn more about how I enable 110% productivity from mobile devices at my business.

Choosing the right devices

Laptops, and smart devices like tablets and smartphones, each have different strengths. That’s why it’s important to have the right device for your job. Not everyone can do away with a physical keyboard and expect to work through spreadsheets or presentations as quickly, especially without the right software or training.

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise—employees love the freedom, and companies love the cost savings. But even with BYOD, companies need to make sure employees are bringing the right devices for their needs. Make sure your company has policies in place to provide the equipment needed to be most productive, not necessarily the “latest and greatest” equipment. Some might need a laptop upgrade now to fit their workflow while others might need to be on the latest and greatest smartphone each year. For those reasons, the smartest companies are ensuring every employee has the right devices in their hands.

Access important data everywhere

The key advantage smart devices have over traditional computers is that they’re always-on and always-connected. But to really see the productivity boost from that connectivity, employees need access to their data and applications everywhere they are. This means making sure employees have remote access to key services and files, or cloud access to every resource they need from their mobile devices.

From an IT perspective, companies need to make sure that the cloud-based and remote access solutions they’re choosing are really working to enable productivity rather than making things more complicated. Files should be as easy to access on mobile as they are on the desktop to enable as many working styles and conditions as possible.

Furthermore, employees should know their options, since they can use remote access or cloud storage for different purposes. While some might just need to sync documents across multiple devices, others may need to share large files internally or with vendors. One cloud service may not cover all of these use cases. Instead, survey employees to find out everyone’s needs, and then roll out multiple services if necessary—with proper training, of course!

Apps tie it all together

Smartphone apps take a variety of input faster than most any other type of device. Yes, you can type into them, but they also take amazing photographs, record videos and voice, and have GPS and other sensors that work with a wide array of inputs that traditional laptops just can’t handle.

With the right enterprise apps, a smartphone can do so much more than a laptop that there’s really no comparison. Enabling employees to take advantage of all of these inputs though apps is a key component to enabling 110% productivity.

For example, does your social media team have a complete suite of photographic and video editing tools on their mobile devices to allow them to create great content everywhere they go? Does the marketing team have a powerful cloud-based solution for collecting notes and sharing ideas with each other? Do all of your teams have a mobile-enabled chat platform to talk to each other no matter what device they’re on?

It’s a two-part process, where your company has to both find the right apps and make sure they’re deployed to the right people. Once you do the work, you’ll find that employees are able to get so much more done, especially when on-the-go. And that’s the key to 110% productivity.


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