Enable the detail in retail with unified communications

  • The customer experience has become multi-channel and multi-layered.

  • Customer interaction now happens in-store, online, or via an app.

  • Hosted UC services can address many financial and budget pressures.

The old adage “retail is detail” has probably never been more true. Detail may have once meant anticipating customer needs based on historical trends and data, and then making adjustments if assumptions were wrong. But things have changed.

Now, the customer experience has evolved to become multi-channel and multi-layered. For retailers, it means that gathering, understanding, and managing customer detail can be more accurate and more valuable in helping to achieve three critical business agendas:

  • Developing capability to react to changing trends
  • Delivering personalized customer experiences
  • Enhancing value from supply chains
Discover more about customer expectations

Most retailers know that speed of reaction and quality of experience can mean the difference between disappointing or exceeding customer expectations. Meanwhile, customer interaction is now something that happens in-store, online, or via an app. And with self-service and social sharing becoming the norm, retailers have a golden opportunity to discover more about customers’ true likes, dislikes, buying behavior, expectations, and even emotions.

With so much valuable information now more readily available, customer personalization is not only made more possible but also more powerful as a sales tool. Add to this an optimized supply chain, with real-time answers and accelerated issue resolution, and you have a business that can communicate and manage the detail in retail for competitive advantage.

Support faster decision making with unified communications (UC)

With UC, a retailer can connect executives in the supply chain, logistics merchandising, technical, and financial lines of business to help enhance the value in detail, instead of leaving it on a shelf where it can quickly exceed its sell-by date. With near real-time information and better collaboration, the entire retail ecosystem can support faster, more effective decision making, which in turn can help to achieve:

  • Improved consumer marketing
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Enhanced customer service
UC as a Service from the cloud addresses financial and budget pressures

Retail is generally an operating expense- (OpEx) oriented sector with most retailers operating on relatively low margins. So, it’s not surprising that cost predictability and operating expenditure are strong motivators for retailers adopting cloud-enabled unified communications. UC from the cloud can address many of the financial and budget pressures for a typical retail business, including:

  • Efficient scaling through an integrated suite of telephony, messaging, IM, and conferencing services on a per seat basis
  • Incremental subscription-based model that aligns more closely with stores and user numbers
  • Potential to shift from balance sheet reporting of premises hardware towards service model and client-based communications, minimizing the need for hardware investment

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