Ethernet WAN or IP VPN Services

Ethernet WANs and network-based IP VPNs (also called “private IP VPNs”) each offer distinctive benefits as your choice for connecting enterprise sites and delivering high-speed data to them. It pays to compare and contrast the two sets of services so you can determine, based on your speed requirements, level of desire over routing control, geographic dispersion, and application traffic types, which service is most appropriate for which of your locations.

Private IP VPNs, according to researcher IDC in this white paper, are the typical choice when enterprises need direct site-to-site connectivity among their offices and a remote access solution for satellite and mobile employees. Ethernet WAN services are generally favored by companies that want to maintain control of their routing tables and need the ability to quickly “dial up / dial down” bandwidth as needed. Many enterprises with both metro-area and wide-area networking requirements might end up with a hybrid of both service types.

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