Enabling productivity for the financial services community

  • Even in today's financial market, customer satisfaction and corporate agility are still the keys to success.

  • There are myriad communications tools that can help your staff collaborate in real time but different platforms may not work together.

  • AT&T UC Federation enables internal and external teams to collaborate on customer and business problems, no matter what UC tool they use.

The changing global economy is creating new challenges for the financial services industry with disruptive online business models, multiple customer interfaces, and increased merger and acquisition activity. Yet customer satisfaction and corporate agility are still the keys to success.

Customers expect highly personalized service, requiring any financial services company and its ecosystem to be collaborative and highly responsive. The staff needs instant access to subject matter experts, approval managers, real-time data and product knowledge—unhindered by communication barriers created by different platforms and policies. To illustrate this diversity of challenges, here are two examples that can benefit from an ecosystem that is supported by an integrated approach to unified communications (UC):

Challenge 1: A customer has a financial modelling question that a financial advisor feels he is unable to answer with certainty. From the customer’s location, he checks the presence of three people on the financial modelling team. One of the experts is travelling but available on smartphone. The other two show that they are in meetings but available later that day. He uses instant messaging (IM) to send the customer’s question to the first expert. With one click of the mouse, he then elevates the IM chat to a web conference via his tablet, so the expert and customer are able to freely discuss options that give the customer enough confidence to proceed with the application for a new insurance policy. With the financial advisor present, the necessary paperwork is completed within minutes.

Challenge 2: A CFO is on the road and is unexpectedly notified that the draft financial report related to a pending acquisition needs to be reviewed by the CEO the next day. From her smartphone, the CFO sends a web conference invitation to the lead analyst preparing the report. The report is only in draft form, but the CFO needs to see it immediately, along with the back-up information. The analyst sees the invitation on his unified communications (UC) client and joins the conference immediately. He’s able to show the draft to the CFO and collaborate in near real-time on changes. And when both need further guidance on a small but significant detail, they are able to IM their subject matter expert and get an answer within seconds. Prepared with the new information, the CFO is ready to present the most up-to-date report to the CEO the next day.

This all sounds ideal, but what if some members of the team were not on the same UC platform? What if the independent financial advisor is running Office 365™ while the modelling team and CFO run Cisco® Jabber® and the analysts are on Lync?

With AT&T UC Federation, each user with a different supported UC platform can easily communicate. Internal teams using supported UC platforms have the flexibility to collaborate within their ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and partners—even if they are using UC solutions from multiple suppliers.

With tools like presence and instant messaging, internal advisors and external product experts can communicate and collaborate in a highly secure manner, in near real time, to accelerate customer response. With AT&T UC Federation, internal and external teams can collaborate on customer and business problems in near real time.

Without the barriers of siloed unified communications, financial services organizations have more tools at their fingertips to help achieve levels of customer satisfaction and the corporate agility needed to cope with today’s diverse challenges.

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