Face Value

I think everyone would agree that building relationships is critical to business success and that face-to-face communications is an essential part of doing so. But I challenge that not all face-to-face communication needs to be in person. Telepresence and video conferencing technology allows you to connect and collaborate as though you were in the same room.

Whether meeting with employees, customers, or suppliers, everyone in your organization can use telepresence.

Of course, not all business meetings can or should be done via telepresence, but best practice companies are shifting a portion of their in-person meetings to telepresence as a way to save travel costs, enhance productivity and speed decision making.

In addition, meetings traditionally conducted via phone and web conference can be conducted via telepresence in order to enhance the communication with facial expressions and body language. This non-verbal behavior can provide a more complete context alongside the words and tone of voice.

Check out our latest infographic that highlights some of the economic and environmental benefits companies can receive using telepresence:



To find out how telepresence can benefit your organization, contact your AT&T representative for a complimentary Value Case Analysis. This step-by-step method and business transformation process can help you measure the potential business impact.

Are you using Telepresence for communication now?  If so, how is it working?  If not, what do you need to move into that space?  We look forward to hearing your comments.
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