Not so fast, the holiday shopping season isn’t over yet

  • Expanded seasonal sales events are a trend.

  • Make sure your site is available to 24/7 throughout the season.

  • Use a CDN to accelerate site delivery and firewall Web applications.

Last year saw many retailers jump-start Black Friday deals well before midnight, hoping shoppers would forgo seconds at the Thanksgiving table to take advantage of markdowns on holiday gift items. This year, Amazon started its Black Friday countdown event to this year’s holiday shopping season Nov 1 with smaller sales leading up to what many e-tailers hoped would turn a slow shopping year around. Now, expanded seasonal sales events are a trend. Extended sales are not being forced on consumers; AMEX/Ebiquity recently published findings that the number of shoppers expected to complete their shopping the week leading up to Christmas was up from last year*. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also last minute shoppers and bargain hunters that wait until the new year to look for further discounts on inventory that perhaps did not move as expected.

All of this adds up to a non-traditional, extended holiday sales season. To capture post-holiday sales, here are three easy ways to help ensure your site is protected and performs at its best:

•    Implement a DDoS attack mitigation strategy; make sure your site is available to customers 24/7 beyond the shopping season.

•    Use a CDN to accelerate site delivery and firewall Web applications. Adapt to customers’ device capabilities, connection types, and geographic locations.

•    Personalize content and prioritize key customers to boost revenue and build loyalty.

Was your web store ready for the holiday rush? Kick off the new year by capturing post-holiday sales!

*American Express Spending & Saving Tracker.

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