In the immediate aftermath of a financial downturn, organizations reflexively look to cut IT costs as a survival strategy.  But a sustained period of belt-tightening can lead to stagnation, stifled innovation and loss of competitiveness.  Fortunately, it’s possible to build on your existing investments in Oracle enterprise applications without a brutal rip-and-replace.  The white paper “Five ways to get more value from your Oracle Applications” explores initiatives that can satisfy your immediate need for efficiency and productivity gains while delivering longer-term business value.

In brief, the main areas of focus include:

  • Mobility – why increased employee freedom and flexibility must be balanced security and compliance.
  • Cloud – why it’s vital to determine how far up the IT stack you want a third party cloud provider to manage.
  • Process optimization – how to adapt to your company’s business processes to get more value from your Oracle applications.
  • Modular functionality – how to take advantage of untapped capabilities that could give you valuable differentiation.
  • Integration – how integrating Oracle applications with others can create new or better ways of working and transacting.

The white paper offers a number of tools and tips to help you get started, some timely caveats, and insightful success stories from businesses that have already discovered how to squeeze maximum value from their Oracle investments.

Content Preview

The application delivery model that helps you cut costs today may not be the best for creating long-term value. Discover how to tap into greater value from your Oracle applications to differentiate your enterprise – now and in the years ahead.