Fleet Management

While technology has changed at a rapid clip in a span of 20-30+ years, it seems our continued dependency on fossil fuels hasn’t yet diminished.  Clearly we need to quickly find alternative fuel sources, especially for fleets, as several business models depend upon them to provide on-site customer service.

With broadcasts in the media lately of even greater fuel prices, which further challenges a business with added expense, It is important to seek out alternative fuel options for fleet management now versus later.

The U.S. Navy is looking at alternatives for their fleet. Additionally, various cities are looking at alternatives to reduce budget demands, utilizing biofuels, while others are looking at natural gas. There are even options employing electric vehicles which require charging. Soon, you will be able to plug in and say “charge it please”, while you shop, attend classes or work, giving greater viability to electric vehicles.

At AT&T, we use a large fleet to serve our customers. As a result we have been and continue to invest in fuel alternatives for our fleet, utilizing tools to manage our fleets.

Take a look at some of our Fleet management statistics in our infographic below:

In addition to biofuels, natural gas and electric vehicles, what types of alternative vehicles is your business implementing? How does it help you meet your alternative fuel or carbon reduction goals? How advanced do you think alternative vehicles will be in 5 years?

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