Get more done with unified communications

  • Hosted UC solutions can be more cost effective than on-premise solutions when factoring in equipment, software, and personnel costs.

  • By merging tools into a cohesive whole and making them accessible via a wide variety of fixed and mobile devices, UC services give you more flexibility than one solution alone.

Companies and organizations of all sizes can realize productivity benefits with IP-based voice services. These benefits include support for a more flexible work environment, reduced costs, and a streamlined infrastructure, with voice and data running over a single network.

An IP infrastructure helps companies deploy newer technologies in a phased approach, offering the possibility to integrate newer collaboration capabilities with existing infrastructure. Supporting unified communications (UC) is the ultimate goal with IP-based services. UC refers to the integration of real-time communication and collaboration capabilities such as voice, messaging, web and video conferencing, and presence, all accessible behind a single interface and available on supported mobile devices, almost anytime, almost anywhere in the world.

The many benefits inherent in UC include:

  • Cost savings: Hosted UC solutions generally cost less than on-premises solutions when factoring in equipment, software, and personnel costs. A key consideration is how a vendor will charge for deployment of updates and upgrades.
  • Enhanced mobility: UC enables a virtual office with a rich selection of communication and collaboration tools. Single number reach means that one number can reach you wherever you are, whether on your desk phone or your mobile device, so you never miss an important call. Email, calendar, and instant messaging can also be accessed from your UC client.
  • More effective communications: With the option to employ voice, video, email, and instant messaging, you can choose the communications method that makes the most sense for the task at hand. Presence capabilities make it easy to see who’s available and on what type of device. Calls can migrate from one mode to another – “graduating” from voice to video, for example. In many cases, these benefits extend to customers and business partners as well. With AT&T UC Federation, internal teams using supported platforms have the flexibility to collaborate within their ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and partners, even if they are using communications solutions from multiple suppliers.
  • Business process improvement: All of these capabilities facilitate increased productivity, real-time communication, and collaboration, offering your workforce the ability to make faster decisions through quicker and more complete sharing of information.

If your company isn’t on the IP bandwagon yet, you won’t be able to take full advantage of these capabilities. No matter how large or small your firm may be, there’s no reason you have to miss out.

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