Get your business into the hands of mobile users

  • Users now spend more time on mobile devices but in shorter sessions so they need bite-sized content they can consume quickly.

  • IT plays a major role in guiding the enterprise toward game-changing uses of mobile technology.

Mobile app usage is growing. And if your business hasn’t made its mobile presence a priority yet, it’s time to move your mobile plans to the top of the stack.

According to an article in TechCrunch, the average American now spends more time online via mobile devices than their PCs. Mobile use has increased from 12 percent of time spent online in 2008 to 51 percent in 2015. The length of time spent online is also shifting, from fewer, longer sessions to short sessions where users consume bite-sized content quickly many times per day. 

Savvy application providers have adapted to this trend, not simply by re-sizing their browser content, but also by revamping the way their services are offered. For instance, smartphones can act as cash registers, and location-based discount offers can be delivered to the mobile devices of shoppers on the go. The trend to provide these types of services will continue for the foreseeable future as users look for easy ways to get tasks done from wherever they are.

Part of what fuels the trend is that while overall time spent using computing devices has increased, the number of short views throughout the day is the new norm. Users migrate to services that let them accomplish their work quickly and with no overhead.

The task for enterprise IT is to redefine and reinvent the processes that make their business work. It’s no longer acceptable to simply make things faster. Industry-disrupting services such as mobile app-based car services deliver what users want and eliminate even the mundane task of directing a taxi to a pickup site.

These kinds of advances look beyond existing systems and leverage the technologies in mobile devices. They are increasingly what users look for when they make decisions about the products they buy and the companies they do business with.

IT has a major role in guiding the enterprise toward game-changing uses of mobile technology. Focusing on mobile technology is not just a project to assign and monitor. It is a sea change that must be at the base of every decision and evaluation within IT’s processes.

Rather than thinking about how an existing program can be modified to work on mobile devices, IT needs to look at the roots of the functions their users are trying to accomplish. The process has to include a deep understanding of the technologies that make up mobile devices like the radios, sensors, displays, and connections.

There is no set formula for creating successful and revolutionary mobile systems. IT needs to take its skills closer to the user and think about the device in their hands.

How much of your strategy is focused on mobile?

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