Global Firms Discuss The Big Data Challenge

Think about this: With today’s overwhelming inflow of information, how does an organization sift through raw data to glean rich business intelligence? How does it store this vital information and share it on demand, while managing user expectations? And all this – through a burgeoning platforms, formats, and devices. These, and other such challenging questions were on the minds of the AT&T Business Advisory Council (ABAC), which consisted of 25 IT professionals from some of the world’s top global firms. The Council gathered in San Diego to address the realities of big data and its effect on IT strategy, infrastructure, support and services.

This high-level roundtable discussion resulted in a collection of insights that we’ve gathered for you. Read it to discover how leading CIOs tackle the tough issues they face every day. What they have to say will give you a lot to think about – in a big way.

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