Going global with Microsoft®

  • AT&T is taking Skype for Business global to support the conferencing needs of small businesses and enterprises alike.

  • Users can collaborate regardless of device, medium, or location.

  • This global offering enhances collaboration and productivity while improving agility.

The more technology can do for us, the more we expect from it. We expect to be connected constantly, with the touch of a button. This ease is expected in the workplace, too. Together with Microsoft®, we’re working to help meet this business need. We’re helping everyone– from the largest multi-nationals to the mom-and-pop stores down the street–connect with employees and customers virtually however, and whenever, they want.

That’s why we’re going global with Skype® for Business (currently known to AT&T hosted services customers as Microsoft® Lync®). In the coming months, AT&T will begin offering global conferencing through Skype for Business. We will continue to provide global audio conferencing to our customers who use Microsoft Lync.

This is big news, because we’re one of the first major U.S. service providers to integrate audio conferencing into any Skype for Business environment. Now we can create Skype for Business meetings worldwide, with conferencing service to more than 140 countries.


Our new conferencing solution extends the typical reach of customers’ Skype for Business meetings. It shifts the traditional fixed line capability to mobile devices over our global network.

To help us provide the right service to a company of almost any size, we’re offering audio conferencing integrated with Skype for Business in a number of ways:

  • Customers who have purchased Skype for Business directly from Microsoft or third parties;
  • Large, multi-national customers that use AT&T to host and manage their Skype for Business environments;
  • Customers that have decided to host and manage Skype for Business in their own data centers;
  • And lastly, small to midsized businesses using Microsoft® Office 365TM can add the service as part of AT&T Mobile Office Suite.

You may remember we announced AT&T Mobile Office Suite at Mobile World Congress in March. It’s a new mobile solution that helps keep employees connected and productive while on the go. The all-in-one bundle is available at a predictable monthly cost for small and midsized U.S. businesses.

The addition of global conferencing makes Skype for Business users accessible from nearly anywhere in the world. The service helps employees collaborate across organizations, devices, and now continents. And we’ll be right there for all of our Skype for Business (and current Microsoft Lync) customers.

It’s important to note that existing AT&T Global Conferencing customers should be able to keep their current phone numbers and access codes. Simply enable Skype for Business for a seamless user experience. Users from inside and outside the company can combine dial-in, dial-out, and Voice over IP calls into the same meeting.

Global conferencing is available to use with Skype for Business’s instant messaging, screen sharing, and email integration tools. These integrated tools help users collaborate over any supported device or medium from virtually any location.

AT&T is one of the few providers to make an essential collaboration tool like conferencing available to workers in the office or on the go. We have the conferencing knowledge and experience needed. We’ve provided easy-to-use conferencing services to thousands of customers for more than 50 years.

Global conferencing is able to connect internal Skype for Business users to external partners, international associates, mobile workers and other teams. It helps position any company for tomorrow’s growth.

Looking ahead, we’re continuing to team with Microsoft on a number of Unified Communications (UC) solutions to help simplify workplace collaboration. AT&T was recently named one of Microsoft’s first Global Elite Partners for Skype for Business. This tight collaboration allows us to offer a higher level of service and support for our joint solutions.

AT&T Global Conferencing with Skype for Business, currently known to AT&T hosted services customers as Microsoft Lync, will be available later this quarter. AT&T Global Conferencing is now available on our AT&T hosted version of Microsoft Lync. The service helps enhance productivity with reliable, high-quality audio for conferences. We can provide the right service for your business, allowing conference options for up to 1,000 participants on a single Skype for Business conference call.

I encourage customers to engage us early to support faster implementation, whether you’re interested in audio conferencing, AT&T hosted solutions for Skype for Business, or another service. We’re here to help businesses adapt to the rapid pace of business. You must create a truly mobile and agile workplace to be successful today.


Abhi Ingle Big Data and Advanced Solutions Senior Vice President AT&T About Abhi