Happy Anniversary, EPTT!

A year ago this week, AT&T launched Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT), turning a tried-and-true communication and collaboration technology to game changing workforce enabler. Since the introduction of EPTT, companies have been deploying it in innovative ways:

  • For Jet Express, a U.S. transportation company for the automotive industry that handles up to 400 truckloads per day, AT&T Enhanced PTT enables the dispatch to deliver short, audible messages to drivers at times when a phone call or text is not advisable. “When our drivers are on the road, we need to be able communicate with them in a way that won’t compromise their safety and complies with various state regulations,” said Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express, Inc. and Vice Chairman of American Trucking Association (ATA). “We’ve used other push-to-talk solutions in the past but struggled with the latency. AT&T Enhanced PTT gives us the instant communication we need.”


  • With 12 schools and over 7,000 students, safety is a priority for Boerne ISD, a K-12 district outside of San Antonio, Texas. The school’s administrators and bus drivers use AT&T Enhanced PTT to efficiently communicate with each other and external departments, including the police department, in the event of a crisis, disaster, or emergency. “Boerne ISD is one of the first districts in the state of Texas to be able to communicate via Enhanced PTT with the local police department,” said Craig Radtke, Director of Personnel & Legal Affairs, Boerne ISD. “Communication is critical in the event of an emergency, and AT&T understands the importance of an efficient and reliable communication system in an education setting.”


  • Seattle-based SSA Marine is a major logistics company managing both cargo and cruise ships at ports, terminals and docks all across the world. Longshoremen, technicians, foremen, and port staff have the ability to stay in constant contact with each other through AT&T Enhanced PTT. Because safety is of the utmost importance in this industry, SSA Marine chose AT&T Enhanced PTT service because of its network reliability.


We’re celebrating EPTT’s anniversary with the introduction of new workforce management capabilities – and so are our customers. Integrated Dispatch is a powerful capability that allows dispatchers to track EPTT users (online and off) visually on a map — in real-time. Administrators can view users’ current availability and make or receive individual and group calls. Other EPTT enhancements include:

Non-Cellular Device Support: Enable EPTT on Wi-Fionly devices. Run Integrated Dispatch and PC client from a LAN or other network connection without an aircard/cellular-connected hotspot.

Talkgroup Camping: Choose a primary talkgroup to “camp” on and hear only that group unless they initiate a conversation with another group. (Android users only)

Flexible Activation: Complete application activation over Wi-Fi when the cellular network is not available.

Seamless Contact Management: Manage external contacts more easily via the Corporate Admin Tool (CAT)

New User Interface Features: Reduce complexity by storing preferred speaker settings between calls. Receive visible personal and missed call alerts even when screen is locked, and enjoy improved speaker and alert tones.

Group Dispatch: Create dispatch groups with a designated dispatcher and multiple fleet members.

More in Hands-Free: Use EPTT with Bluetooth hands-free accessories.

What other applications lend themselves to EPTT? Share your experience with — or questions about — push-to-talk technology in comments.
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