Harness the power of UC in the adaptive supply chain

  • JIT reduced stockpiling, waste, and costs in manufacturing.

  • Today's supply chain challenges require real-time knowledge.

  • UC helps strengthen the adaptive chain with information and collaboration.

Does anyone remember when just in time (JIT) manufacturing came to prominence? In the JIT production model, items are created to meet demand, not in surplus or in advance of need. The purpose is to avoid the waste associated with overproduction, waiting, and excess inventory. For the early JIT practitioners, the objectives were simple: reduce stockpiling, waste, and costs.

While the same supply challenges still exist, today there are advanced information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, like unified communications (UC), which not only support adaptive supply chains, but also have the disruptive capability to help organizations rethink processes, resources, and even overall business strategies.

In simple terms, if the challenge is knowing what’s needed and what can be made available in real time and with complete accuracy, then unified communications may be the strongest link for the adaptive supply chain.

UC connects every link in the chain

Adaptive supply chains tend to establish a smaller supplier base to increase coordination, but they rely on real-time knowledge and collaboration with multiple contacts within each link of the chain. That way, everyone benefits from lean inventories and channel-wide cost efficiencies with shared risks and rewards. With Federation services, each organization within the chain can be linked through existing email, instant messaging, presence, and calendar solutions, regardless of their provider.

Think of the supply chain as a combination of people, processes, and information. Now, you can strengthen every link in the chain with shared, real-time knowledge and collaboration through unified communications. In this way, cost reduction, customization, and customer service can reach levels that would have been a dream come true for those early practitioners of JIT delivery.

Are you strengthening your supply chain with unified communications capabilities?

Lisanne Powers Unified Communications Lead Marketing Communications Manager AT&T About Lisanne